SandraSandra Ataíde Lobo is doctorate in History and Theory of Ideas, specialty Thought, Culture and Politics, by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (FSHSc) of NOVA University of Lisbon. Researcher of the Portuguese Centre for Global History, CHAM-FCSH/NOVA-UAC. Post-doctoral researcher of CHAM, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Doctoral thesis, O desassossego goês: cultura e política em Goa do liberalismo ao Acto Colonial. Post-doctoral project, The Home and the World: the Goan intellectual diaspora. Since 2005 has specialized in the study of Goan intellectual elites and their contribution to the construction of Goan cultural and political modernity framed by the Portuguese Empire (XIX-XX centuries). In this context has studies the colonial periodical press and in particular the rich archive of Goan periodicals about which has a vast and specialized vision. Has published several papers about the theme. Training and professional experience in the libraries and archives (Portugal, India, 1988-2005). Has a vast experience of teamwork since 1994, as member of the Free Seminary of History of Ideas (FSHI), participating among other projects those related with 20th Century magazines of Portuguese intellectual movements. Experience of collaboration in the conception of research projects funded by national (FSHI) and foreing agencies (Thinking Goa, Brazil). Member of the team of the project Magazines of Ideas and Culture (SLHI). Collaborates in the launching of the lines dedicated to the periodical press in the projects Thinking Goa (USP, Brazil) and Portuguese Orientalism (CEC-FLUL). Recently participated, by invitation as specialist named by the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology, in the Symposium EqUIP, European and Indian project of APRE, “Digital Archives and Databases as a Source of Mutual Knowledge” (May 2016). With Adelaide Vieira Machado and Cátia Miriam Costa has conceived and promoted the creation of the International Group for Studies of Colonial periodical press of the Portuguese empire (IGSCP-IP).

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