AdelAdelaide Vieira Machado is doctorate in History and Theory of Ideas by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (FSHSc) of NOVA University of Lisbon. Researcher of the Portuguese Centre for Global History, FCSH/NOVA-UAC. Doctorate thesis A importância de se chamar português: José Liberato Freire de Carvalho na direcção do Investigador Português em Inglaterra (1814-1819). Training and professional experience in the libraries and archives (Portugal, India). Has a vast curriculum of study of Portuguese periodical press, in particular of magazines of intellectual movements and of colonial press. Has published several books, chapters and papers about Contemporary History. Amongst the recent publication, mentions the book Europa: herança e actualizações (2015).  Works in a post-doctoral project in field of Intellectual History and History of Ideas, which aims to contribute to the discussion about the place of colonialism in the construction of democratic thought in the 20th Century, by focusing the Portuguese case and in particular its Republican thought, as it was debated and build by the republican intellectual movements from the Portuguese metropole and the colonized elites (1910-1939). Has a vast experience of teamwork, as member of the projects: Magazines of Ideas and Culture (SLHI/CHAM); The transatlantic circulation of printed matter the globalization of culture in the 19th century (1789 – 1914) (Unicamp, Brasil); Press and circulation of ideas: the role of XIX and XX century periodicals (Fundação Casa Rui Barbosa RJ/ Brasil). With Cátia Miriam Costa e Sandra Ataíde Lobo has conceived and promoted the creation of the International Group for Studies of Colonial periodical press of the Portuguese empire (IGSCP-IP).

CV: (Public Key– J015469MET0)

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