Call for papers

Call for papers is closed

Researchers are invited to present paper proposals to one of the presented panels. Papers should be related to the topics of the panels. The acceptance of standalone papers will be submitted to the topic priorities established by the Congress. In this case, proposals regarding press of migrants between empires and exile press will be particularly welcomed. Also particularly welcomed, will be proposals that address the impact of communication and printing technology changes on the expansion and evolution of the periodic colonial media content.

Please consult the panels descriptions and use the submission form to submit your abstract until the 4th December 2016.

Each proponent may only head one proposal.

Only proposals written in Portuguese and/or English will be accepted.

Oral presentation may be made in the following languages: Portuguese, English, French or Spanish but to facilitate communication among the participants, PowerPoint presentations should be written in Portuguese and/or English.

Please check the conference website from time to time to see if there are any changes on the calendar or announcements.

Authors will be informed by the executive committee no later than 9th January 2017 whether their proposals have been accepted.

The Organizing Committee is studying the possibility of publishing a peer review book and/or especial issue. Before the event, participants will be invited to manifest their interest.

The organization is working to support the coming of some researchers from African Countries of Portuguese Expression, India and East Timor with accepted communication proposals and lack of local institutional support for participation in scientific events. This support will be dependent on budget availability.

Call for papers closed on the 4.12.2016

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