A.E. Maia do Amaral e Iuliana Filimon Barros Gonçalves. Central Library University of Coimbra

25.05.2017, 11.10-13.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Colonial press at the General Library of the University of Coimbra: anxious stocks

Throughout a multisecular existence, the General Library of the University of Coimbra (BGUC) gathered a collection of more than 900 titles of periodicals coming from the territories of the former Portuguese colonies. These publications are not unique in the Lusophone space, nor particularly relevant in themselves, but can gain added value in the cooperation with holders of similar resources. As with all newspapers of the late 19th century and early 20th century, physical copies on paper now have very serious conservation problems, which makes their loss imminent.

A. E. Maia do Amaral. He began his professional life in museums. He worked in public libraries (Seia) and in the beginnings of the Public Libraries Network, at the Office of the state Secretary of Culture. He joined the General Library of UC in 1988, worked in the cataloging areas of Monographs and Manuscripts and made two service commissions at the Central Library of Macao (1990-1994), in China. Since 2005, he is Deputy Director of BGUC, first with Carlos Fiolhais and now with José Cardoso Bernardes.

Iuliana Filimon Barros Gonçalves. Librarian at the General Library of the University of Coimbra in the area of periodicals since 1992. Trainer in serials cataloguing and collections management in Unimarc, Libertas Marc and Marc 21 formats at the University of Coimbra libraries. Coordinator and teacher in several courses for library professionals organized by the Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists. Author and co-author of various bibliographic catalogs.

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