Ana Canas e Paulo Cascalheira. Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino e Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo

25.05.2017, 11.10-13.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

History to be told at the AHU and the ANTT: the colonial periodical press 

The Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino and the Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo hold diverse collections of colonial periodical press, specially in Portuguese language and published in the 20th century until 1974-1975. The identification of these titles and their cataloging isn’t systematic, as many of them are diluted in archives of different organisms of the Portuguese administration especially central, colonial or not. But, on the other hand, several of such archives as in the case of the Agência Geral do Ultramar (General Overseas Agency), divided between both institutions, hold relevant information to contextualize and further the knowledge about that press. Another type of archival documents may elucidate forms of censorship of publications and of the official and other means, clandestine or legal, for propaganda purposes and to form Portuguese and international public opinion about the Portuguese colonies. Besides and among the official colonial press, where publications of statistic nature and annuals seem to weight, it would be important to facilitate in digital format the Boletim Oficial (Official Bulletin) of each colony of which the AHU holds complete collections. The richness of their content justifies such project and it is why it is being studied the online access to the Boletim Oficial de Timor and why it would make sense to find shared ways of doing so regarding other official bulletins.

Ana Canas. Director of the Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino and Researcher of the Centre of History, University of Lisbon. PhD in Library and Information Studies at the University College London, Especialist in Documental Sciences – Archivistic and MA in Modern History of Portugal at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. Ana Canas, was an archivist at the National Archive Torre do Tombo, lectured at the Department of History of the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon and a researcher of the Gulbenkian Institute for Science. Lectured at the Faculty of Social and Humans Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon, at the Post-Graduation in Information Management and Curatorship and at the MA in Information and Documentation Sciences, field in which is frequently invited to argue thesis. Selected works: “Storytelling: Private papers versus official records in 18th and 19th-century Portugal” In Rethinking the Archive in Pre-Modern Europe: Family Archives and their Inventories from the 15th to 19th Century / Maria de Lurdes Rosa, Randolph C. Head (ed.). Lisboa: Instituto de Estudos Medievais, 2015, p. 37-43; “Memórias Abertas de Moçambique e Arquivos Imperfeitos” in Atas do Congresso Internacional Saber Tropical em Moçambique: História, Memória e Ciência. [Lisboa]: IICT, 2013, p.1-14; Governação e Arquivos: D. João VI no Brasil. Lisboa: IAN/TT, 2007; O Tribunal da Inquisição no Estado da Índia: Origens (1539-1560). Lisboa: AN/TT, 1995

Paulo Tremoceiro is Chief of the Department of Communication and Access of the Portuguese National Archive Torre do Tombo (ANTT), since June 2007. Since 1989 until 2007 was linked to the Archivist Department, being responsible for the technical description of several major collections of the archive. Between 2003 and 2007 was responsible for the program CALM dedicated to archivist description.

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