Alfredo Caldeira, Fundação Mário Soares Library & Archive

25.05.2017, 11.10-13.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Colonialism and anticolonial fight in press

The press produced in the ex-colonies to spread the ideology of colonialism has sheltered different visions of the “colonial action” (and/or evangelizing) and also, in certain moments, positions expressing aims for independence or close to it. Latter, clandestine or exile press was born, normally by the initiative of political organizations and with clear anticolonial positioning.

The Archive and Library of Fundação Mário Soares holds, precisely, collections of press that express these different positions. This Congress and the programed common virtual exhibition of newspapers published in the ex-colonies or directly linked to them will allow to clarify this complex reality which, still today, after more than 40 years after decolonization, left its marks in the postcolonial media.

Alfredo Caldeira, is the Administrator of the Archive & Library of Fundação Mário Soares since its creation in 1996. A substantial share of his action has been dedicated to develop cooperation with the countries of Portuguese official language. On the other hand, he has persistently defended the introduction of new technologies of information in archives and libraries, being the portal, developed by FMS, an example of such collaboration between archives of Portuguese language.

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