Horácio dos Santos Marques, Historical Archive of East Timor

25.05.2017, 09.30-11.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

The Periodical Press in the Documental Collection of the Portuguese Colonial Administration

In East-Timor, soon after the Restoration of Independence, in 2002, it is recognized the role of memory in the reconstruction of the country, and for the purpose of safeguarding such memory different institutions were founded. In 1999 UNTAET supports the creation of the Nacional Records and Archives Services Seccion (NARAS), which existence was formalized in 2002 as National Archive, subordinated to the Ministery of Internal affairs. This Archive is, nowadays the main repositorium of docoments regarding the last 50 years of Portuguese Colonial Administration and the 24 years of Indonesian Administration.

In this paper we aim to present and contextualize this legacy in East-Timor, in particular regarding the periodical press to identify complementary collections, in order to forge eventual partnerships and the integration in the proposed Virtual Archive.

Horácio dos Santos Marques (Lospalos, 1962) is graduated in Political Science by the Institut for Governing Sciences of Jacarta and MA in Public Administration by the University Brawijaja, Malang. Has directed several institutions of local power(1989-1999, lectured at the University of Timor Loro Sa’a (2000-2001)and headed diferent organs of Public Administration since 2001.He directs the National Archive of East-Timor since 2014.

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