25.05.2017, 09.30-11.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

The Newspaper Library of Lisbon (HML). Do município para o Mundo

The Newspaper Library of Lisbon integrates the Library Network of Lisbon. It is specialized in preservation, cataloging, study and access of periodical press. Its collection (more than 17,000 titles) goes back to 1715, and has been enriched since 1931, thanks to the attribution of Legal Deposit, which guarantees the presence of almost all the newspapers and magazines published in Portugal, and in Portuguese colonies until 1974. Assuming a clear position in terms of access and circulation of its collection, since 2005 the Newspaper Library has developed the Digital Library project, which expands the universe of users on a planetary scale and has constituted, for many researchers around the world, an very important resource for their work. This international meeting will be another opportunity to disseminate this important collection, and a possible step towards the establishment of desirable partnerships

João Carlos Oliveira is gratudated in History, especiality Ciences of Information and Documentation by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Nova University of Lisbon. Since 2011, heads the project Hemeroteca Digital and since 2015 the Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon’s Municipality Newspapers Library).

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