Joel das Neves Tembe, Historical Archive of Mozambique

25.05.2017, 09.30-11.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

The Colonial Periodical Press in Mozambique and the contribution of AHM to its preservation and access

Periodical Press in Mozambique has been object of several studies, mainly for the space it offers to the recovery of the narratives of the memories lived in the past. The profusion of periodicals offers a diverse range of analytic perspectives about the economic, social and political dynamics. The Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique being a place of preservation of the national memory and responsible for the building of the bibliographic collection about Mozambique since its foundation in 1934, has a relevant role as a place of scientific research and public access to information. The longevity of its collection and the conditions of preservation that prevail create important challenges to its access. It is our interest to discuss problems and solutions to the preservation and divulgation of its rich collection, exploring the potentialities of cooperative action between institutions of memory, namely libraries and archives, and to dialog with researchers of the countries of Portuguese expression.

Keywords: Mozambique, Periodical Press, Preservation, Access

Joel Maurício das Neves Tembe (Maputo) is PhD in History of Africa by the SOAS – London University (1998). Directs the Historical Archive of Mozambique since 1999. Vice-President of the National Council of Archives; Member of the Secretariat of FAN – Forum of the National Archives of the International Council of Archives (ICA); Active member of ICA and ESARBICA; Member of the ICA’s Advisory Committee Program for Archives in Africa; Lecturer of the University Eduardo Mondlane since 1984. Member of the University Council since, being its spokesman since 2008. Lectures History of Mozambique, Africa and Southern Africa. His research interests are focused in Social and political History of Mozambique and Southern Africa; poverty studies and rural development, in particular regarding agriculture and rural employement; studies about frontiers, migrations and identities in Mozambique and Southern Africa; studies about diaspora, nationalisms and liberation movements in Mozambique and Southern Africa; and studies on archives and memory. Participates regularly in seminars, workshops and conferences in several countries with papers covering his different research interests. Coordinates several studies and research teams in the fields of history, archives and poverty and rural development. Publishes regularly in scientific reviews and volumes.

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