25.05.2017, 11.10-13.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

From publication to digitisation: a solution to a concern

In the context of colonial periodical press, we can pose various kind of questions. One of them is its importance for research. These publications are a transversal and inexhaustible source for  History, Culture, Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Geography, etc., providing information that can not be found in other types of documentation.

The Central Library, integrated in the Documentation and Information Services of the Faculty of Letters, University of Porto, has a relevant collection of colonial periodical press. It includes, for example, the Anuário Colonial; the Boletim Geral das Colónias; Moçambique: documentário trimestral; the Boletim da Sociedade de Estudos da Colónia de Moçambique. Also the collection Cadernos Colonias is noteworthy. There is a constant concern: how are we going to keep these collections in good condition and how can we promote them without deteriorating them? Digitisation in partnership with other institutions would be a good solution and a great challenge.

Júlia Tavares Rodrigues (Brunheiro, Murtosa, 1965) is graduated in Administrative Sciences by the University Fernando Pessoa of Porto, and post-graduated in Documental Sciences by the University Portucalense. Her career is linked to the Documentation and Information Services of the Central Library of the FLUP, and at present heads the local access of the “Information Net for University Libraries of the National Institute of Statistics”.

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