Leopoldo Amado (Guiné Bissau, 1960) is graduated in History by the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon University, post-graduated in International Relations (Islamic Studies) by the International University of Lisbon, MA in African Studies by the Social and Political Sciences Institute of the Technical University of Lisbo, PhD in Contemporary History by the University of Lisbon and Post-Doctorate in Political Science by the Centre of Social Studies of Coimbra University. In Guiné Bissau e was a senior researcher of INEP – National Institute for Studies and Research, consultant for management and strategic planing for national and international projects, news correspondent and political commentator for several information foreign channels. Has held offices in several international organizations, namely, between 1995 and 2000, Director of SPHAC – UNESCO’s Project for the Safeguard of Historical Patrimony of Contemporary Africa. Has lectured in Portugal, Spain, Cabo-Verde, USA. Author of many publications, in particular papers and books about Guiné-Bissau. Since 2015, he is the General-Director of INEP.

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