25.05.2017, 11.10-13.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Colonial and anti-colonial press in ‘Centro de Documentação 25 de Abril’ collections: Notes on provenance, titles and availability.

Collections owned by ‘Centro de documentação 25 de Abril of the University of Coimbra integrate different tipologies of documents that are especially important for the study of Portuguese social and political history of the 20th century. Newspapers and magazines collections integrate a set of publications of more rare and restricted circulation, many of them edited in context of exile and clandestinity. The collection related to anti-colonial struggles is one of the most important for researchers and specialists

This paper aims to give a brief account of the collection and preservation of newspapers and magazines that has been developed by the Center. On the other hand, we will present data on the current situation of the collections and on the current project of communication and dissemination of contents in digital format. We shall look more closely at the information on publications dealing with anti-colonial struggle, exile, and the clandestine political-party press.

Maria Natércia Vieira de Vasconcelos Coimbra holds graduations in Law, in Library and Archives Studies and in Public Administration Management by the University of Coimbra. Since 1985 coordenates the Centro de Documentação 25 de Abril (CD25A) da Universidade de Coimbra, being particularly involved with the organization and management of private archives of politicians. Colaborated since 1987 with the Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archiivists and Documentalists (BAD), where she lectured and directed the regional delegation. Along her career has collaborated in several projects, namely the Annual Bibliography of Portuguese History and the Portuguese Bibliographic Repertory. Has several published papers. At present coordinates the project Electronic Archive of Portuguese Democracy, which is available at the CD25A’s internet homepage.

Was a member of the Board of several cívic and cultural associations, namely of the Association Casa da Achada – Centro Mário Dionísio (Lisbon), having coordinated the creation and organization of its library and archive.

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