Savio Abreu, Xavier Centre of Historical Research

25.05.2017, 09.30-11.00, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

The precious collection of Portuguese Newspapers at the Xavier Center of Historical Research

This paper highlights the importance of the Portuguese language press in the history of colonial Goa. The Xavier Center of Historical Research (XCHR) has a relevant and substantial collection of this press with titles such as O Ultramar (1859-1940), Boletim Oficial de Goa (1837-1971), O Anglo-Lusitano (1888-1954), A Vida (1938 – 1961), Diário da Noite (1920 – 1966), and so on. Many scholars do their research at the Center and access these journals for their work about several aspects of recent colonial history of Goa. Unfortunately, because of the exposure to high humidity and local temperature, many newspapers discolored and became brittle, and now they are not available for reading. We need to preserve them against fungi and parasites by digitazion to ensure public access to future generations of researchers. The Xavier Center is therefore interested in exploring the possibilities of collaboration between libraries, archives, conservation specialists and researchers, in order to access resources and specialized advice on conservation techniques, as well as to explore modern and innovative ways of providing researchers access to our library’s sources.

Savio Abreu is director of Xavier Centre of Historical Research (XCHR), Goa. His PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai was a sociological study on New Christian movements in contemporary Goa. He has published articles in various Journals such as Indian Church History Review, Seminar, Social Action, Jnanadeepa etc. He has jointly edited a book, Goa 2011: Reviewing and Recovering Fifty Years (Concept, 2014). He has presented papers at several local, national and international seminars and has published papers in several edited volumes in the fields of sociology of religion, cultural studies & social movements. He is visiting faculty for Master’s in Spirituality and Master’s in Pastoral Management at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (JDV), the Pontifical Athenaeum in Pune since 2012. As director of XCHR he has organised several regional and national seminars.

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