P01 – Colonial periodical press in imperial context: theoretical approaches

P02 – New and old worlds on paper: Literary, cultural and imperial imaginaries in the press of the colonial period

P03 – The role of the periodical press in colonial/postcolonial transitions

P04 – Colonial power, knowledge and archives: revisiting “Along the Archival Grain”

P05 – Portuguese and Spanish colonial press in Africa: memories, politics, and practices of Iberian colonization

P06 – Sports in Portuguese Colonial Press

P07 – The colony of Timor: peripherality, periodical press and transit of ideas between colonial nodules

P08 – Transits in review: new readings of colonial literaty periodical press within the Indian Ocean space

P09 – At the Margins of the Portuguese Empire: The Local in the Imperial

P10 – Colonial Policy and Culture in Legal Periodicals

P11 – The built environment through the colonial periodical press

P12 – “(Anti) colonial conflits” in the Portuguese Colonial Empire 

P13 – The political-cultural role of the Metropolitan Colonial Periodical Press in the Imperial Public Sphere 

P14 – “Women” and colonial periodical press 

P15 – Scientific Discourse in Colonial Periodical Press    

P16 – Liberty and censorship in the colonial empire: the case of the periodical press

P17 – The Linguistic Question and the Colonial Press


The call for panels is now closed but it is possible to read it here. To see the congress concept please follow the link.

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