International Group for Studies of Colonial Periodical Press of the Portuguese Empire (IGSCP-IP)

The Group, with a multidisciplinary profile and transdisciplinary positioning, congregates an already considerable network of researchers, projects and institutions of the different countries and spaces included by the Portuguese Empire until the end of the 20th Century. It also counts with researchers of other academies that approach the political and cultural history of this empire. The Group considers the colonial reality and imperial link pertinent for the constitution of a community of approaches – local, comparative and transversal – regarding the spaces comprehended by the political reality of the Portuguese Empire.

The Group considers as structuring elements of modernity, colonialism and the conflictual currents of thought about the colonial reality. In such context, it defends that the study of colonial periodical press is fundamental to further knowledge and theorization about Portuguese Contemporary History and that of the spaces of the Portuguese Empire, nowadays independent States or part of independent Its members work to promote, between the different spaces involved, the academic cooperation and that of other cultural agents relevant to this field of studies. Amongst its most relevant partners are the research projects Thinking Goa: a peculiar library in Portuguese Language (USP), Portal das Memórias de África e do Oriente (UA), Portuguese Orientalism (CEC-FL.UL) e and Press and circulation of ideas: the role of periodicals in XIX and XX centuries (Fundação Casa de Rui de Barbosa, RJ).

Thinking Goa: a peculiar library of Portuguese language

The present project views to re-write the history of Portuguese language literature of Goa, privileging, on one side, its relations with other cultural, intellectual and artistic realities of that society and, on the other hand, the relations that today we may stablish between that literature and other literatures (those of Portuguese language and even Indian literature of English language amongst others), as well as between the cultural context in which it was forged and other related cultural contexts. The project views: 1) extensive cataloging and reproduction of the literature and of the production of Goan press of Portuguese language, as well as to complete the inventory of Goan artistic Indo-Portuguese patrimony; 2) to write a history of Goan literature of Portuguese language that confers sense to that artistic production in the intellectual ambience of that community, and that explores the different senses that such literature and the context of its production may acquire in its relation with other literatures and cultures, with special focus on Portuguese language countries; 3) to straighten academic relations between India and Brasil in the area of Lettres, in particular the relations between Goa University and São Paulo University.

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