Politics and Culture in Colonial Periodical Press: theoretical and research approaches

It aims to affirm a field of studies, encouraging the multidisciplinary meeting of scholars who are dedicated to the study of the colonial periodical press or who use it as a source in their research, within the Portuguese empire or other contemporary empires.
This part of the program comprises two lectures given by Jeanne Marie Penvenne and Rochelle Pinto.

The Organization has invested particularly in divulging the calls for panels and papers in Portugal, the African Portuguese-speaking countries, India, China, Brazil and Timor, which is reflected in the significant contribution of scholars from these countries. Nonetheless, it also targeted other academic spaces which could open paths to comparative perspectives, as it turned out to be, particularly with regard to the Spanish, Belgian and British empires. Bringing together researchers from 19 countries across disciplines, this three days meeting offers a balanced set of theorizing approaches and case studies. A total of 111 communications distributed by 17 panels, resulting from the call for panels and call for papers, as well as from the initiative of the Organizing Committee.

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