Roundtable “Memories of (anti)colonial journalism”

23.05.2017, 16.30-18.30, Auditorium B2.03,​ 2º piso, Edifício II do ISCTE-IUL

Adolfo Maria, Carlos Veiga Pereira, Diana Andringa, Donato Ndongo, Fernando Dacosta, Rogério Beltrão Coelho, Joaquim Furtado, Joaquim Vieira, José Luís Hopffer Almada 

Moderator: Sílvia Torres, CIC.Digital, FCSH, UNL

This roundtable aims to contribute to the record of an oral memory of journalists involved in (anti) colonial press projects and is inscribed in the theoretical vision and objectives of the congress. Among them, to stimulate a broad debate that includes actors / subjects of this press and to consequently widen the dialogue between science and civil society on the issue of the memory of the Portuguese colonial past.

The participants were invited to reflect on some of the relevant questions around the idea of “how it was to make journalism” in a context in which colonialism and dictatorship overlapped and, in the case of the end of the Portuguese colonial empire, in a context of the colonial war. To what extent has journalism practiced in the colonial context allowed intellectual debate around political and cultural issues? What were the chances of breaking the information blockages in national and international terms? To what extent have undemocratic mechanisms had an impact on postcolonial Portugal and decolonized countries? How has journalism from the colonial period influenced journalism practiced in a post-colonial context? These will be some of the issues to be discussed.

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