Structure and programme

The present Congress, opened to the reality of the different modern Colonial Empires (see concept), proposed a set of topics for reflection.

As a “laboratory” of IGSCP-PE, the Congress is structured around two moments:

1 – Politics and Culture in Colonial Periodical Press: theoretical and research approaches

2 – Encounter Libraries, Archives and Researchers: an international debate 

Completing the program, the Organization has taken the initiative of two events and hosts two book launches and one book presentation.

Common Virtual Exhibition “Colonial Newspapers, Reviews and Magazines”

Roundtable “Memories of (anti)colonial journalism”

Book Launch:

Ana Vaz Milheiro. African Colonial Architectures at the end of the “Portuguese Empire”. Relógio d’Água, 2017   

Daniel Pires, Dicionário cronológico da imprensa periódica de Macau. Instituto Cultural de Macau, 2016

Book presentation:

José Luís Garcia (ICS-UL), Chandrika Kaul (St. Andrews University), Filipa Subtil (ESCS-IPL), Alexandra Santos (Universidade Europeia|Laureate University (editors). Media and the Portuguese Empire in the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Centuries. Palgrave Macmillan, (2017, forthcoming)

The structure and associated initiatives of the congress address the academic concerns and forms of action that IGSCP-PE aims to stimulate: a) by emphasizing the place of the periodical press in the creation of the “colonial world” that connects the diverse spaces that integrated it and in the contemporary history of each country that arrise this world; B) by inviting to look at the parts and the whole, stimulating to think interdisciplinary how national narratives can be enriched by the incorporation of the narratives of the “others” and in their connection to the “others”, who to a large extent are “the other” because they are fixed as such in the present as in the past; C) by promoting national and international collaboration between researchers, projects and representative institutions aiming to coordinate the advance of academic knowledge with preservation and dissemination policies of the periodical press published within the framework of the Portuguese colonial empire; D) by bridging together researchers working in this field of study and encouraging mutual knowledge of their work.

For further information download the full detailed programme and /or the short programme.

Associated eventVII “Thinking Goa” research project meeting  26 e 27.o5.2016  (Closed event)

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