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The easiest why to get to Lisbon city center is using the Metro red line. Bus and taxis are also available.

Lisbon Airport is located in Lisbon urban area. The airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 is the largest and most important. Terminal 2 is used by low cost airlines like easyJet and Ryanair and only for outbound flights, Terminal 1 handles all inbound flights. For changing terminals you can use the shuttle bus that runs every 10 minutes. The centre of Lisbon (Baixa-Chiado) is 7 kilometres away from the airport, by car it takes about 15 minutes to cover the distance.

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Metro – Metropolitano de Lisboa

This is one of the easiest ways to get around Lisbon. Accessible and relatively cheap, the metro has four main lines:

– yellow (Rato – Odivelas)

– green (Cais-do-Sodré – Telheiras)

– blue (Santa Apolónia – Amadora Este)

– red (S. Sebastião- Oriente)



Before hopping on the metro you must buy an electronic ticket, Viva Viagem, and charge it up (minimum charge €5). The card itself costs 50 cents and can be bought at the ticket office or using the vending machines. Upon charging the card, keep the receipt as it may be useful if you need to change a damaged card. A ticket exclusively for the metro can only be charged up to €20. You can check your card balance using the machines, choosing the option ‘carregamento/leitura’. A single zapping trip(valid to the tuve and bus) cost €1.30.

Tip: recharge your card with the approximate number of trips in mind, as you get a small bonus each time you charge it with more than €5.

A single ticket costs €1.45 and is valid for one journey, after validation, throughout the metro.

A one-day ticket Carris/Metro costs €5 and is valid for an unlimited number of journeys throughout the Carris and Metro networks for 24 hours after validation.

More information and a plan your journey tool available at:


Taxi phone numbers

Autocoope – Taxis de Lisboa: +351 217 932 756 (

GEOTAXI: +351 218 444 400 ‎

Taxis 7C: +351 934 959 169 / +351 966 346 030

Taxitours + 351 964 120 673 (

Rádio-táxis de Lisboa: +351 218 119 000

Taxis are a good way of getting around. Taxi fares are calculated on the basis of an initial flat charge, currently 3,25€ from 6h/21h and 3,90€ from 21h/06h. If luggage is carried (bigger than 55x35x20cm) a further 1.6€ is charged. The call-out is charged at 0.80€.

From the airport to most locations in central Lisbon should not cost more than 12€ plus any baggage and call-out charges. Meters are displayed in all licensed taxis. Tips are voluntary.

Lisbon local taxis charge 25% more after 10pm and on weekends (using Rate 2 rather than Rate 1). The fare outside of the city is calculated on a km basis upon leaving the city limits, about 0.40€/km, and any motorway/bridge tolls are paid by the client. When taking a cab, try to enquire about the price to your destination first. Save your receipt and check if the license plate matches the receipt details. See if the meter is running and rate code is correct.

Business hours

Opening hours for shops and businesses across Portugal are usually 10.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Malls close late (11pm or 12pm) daily. Cafés tend to open from 8am or 9am until 8pm daily; restaurants 12-3pm and 7-10pm daily; banks 8.30am to 3pm (Monday to Friday); pharmacies 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday; and supermarkets 9.30am to 8.30pm daily.

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